Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Case File Quotes: They Lied About Her Age


Barr, Lee
Child: Leigh Stephanie Barr


There are no previous referrals on this family.  Rolodex was done 1/25/82;  Soundex done 1/28/82.

The child, Leigh Stephanie Barr, 9 1/2 years old, was beaten by her father on 1/6/82.  Six days later when this worker saw the child, the bruises were still visible.  There are allegations that the child is emotionally abused.  Some specific behaviors include:

  1. Confining the child to her room, not allowing her to to outside (most of the time)
  2. Not allowing the child to eat supper with the family; she must eat upstairs (all the time).
  3. The child is not allowed outside stimulation, like t.v., radio, letters or friends. 
  4. The child is yanked by the hair, grabbed by the collar, and poked in the chest when being scolded. 
  5. The child is interrogated for information regarding her daily activities. 
  6. The child is threatened to be beaten if she misbehaves. 
  7. Occasionally, the child is told she will go to hell if she continually exhibits her anger. 
There are currently four members of the Barr household on XXXXX Silver Creek.  
They are as follows:

Lee Barr, father, Anglo, DOB  1/9/48.  Mr. Barr is approximately 6', bearded man, average weight for his height, dark brown hair and brown eyes.  Mr. Barr appears to be a "controlled" cool, and calm individual.  He appears to seek guidance from his wife, Norma. 

Norma XXXX, stepmother, Anglo, female, DOB 1938. Ms. XX is approximately 5'8", silver haired, average weight, she dresses fashionably.  She listens intently when talked to.  She smiles pleasantly periodically, in conversation.  

Leigh Stephanie Barr, female child, Anglo, DOB 7/28/72.  The child looks smaller than her stated age; she has short brown hair, cut in a pageboy.  The child appears to relate well to nurturing individuals. 

Shea XXXXXX, 18 year old, female child, Anglo.  She attends Lanier High School.  She is approximately 5'6" average weight.  She is Norma XXXX's natural child from a previous marriage.

The Barr family allegedly are members of the Church of Positive Prayer: this has never been verified with the Barrs.  Leigh Stephanie is not part of this endeavor as she is not old enough to attend."

At the time of the intake study, based on the DOB I have for my step-sister, and that the federal government verifies, she was actually fifteen.   I'm wondering if fifteen is the age of consent in the Church of Positive Prayer.  People who don't have anything to hide don't lie. Or was she being protected from the horrible wide world out there?  Who needs enemies when you have family like mine.  


  1. The truth shall set you free. Well done. Susannah

    1. The brat is living a lie & has created her own prison...you are a fool for believing her self absorbed nonsense.

  2. Noone will ever see from your point of view Leigh,your head is shoved too far up your ass


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