Friday, January 29, 2010

brain dump: emotional business plan

so, the holidays wear me out, along with seasonal illness and general upkeep of four people, two dogs and a house.

Sanity first.

so, my brain dump for today is this:

my power training class this morning reminded me that I have a new annoying thing to track. My food consumption. I must start a food journal, they say. It's the only way to make progress. Progress being defined as more in shape or less body fat. All good, except I exercise, SO I can eat. Whatever, whenever. Food deprivation is one of my triggers, so I don't deprive myself. Period. The more fit I am, the better choices I make. But still. Whatever, whenever, I just work to pay attention and stop when I'm full.

So far today:
1 mug of black tea, 1 tsp sugar, 1 glug 1/2 & 1/2
1 pc grainy bread, butter, strawberry jam

1 big bite of lemon chicken (leftovers)
1/2 pink lady apple
1 square barely-dark chocolate

glass of water (working on that)


Working on Foster Princess knocks me flat on a regular basis. It's a daunting emotional ride. But I'm on the ride and
I've come to realize that I have an emotional business plan in place, which makes the work possible. One component is physical care. I have a standing goal of intensive exercise at least every other day.
Otherwise, I'm a bitch. (I tried other words and phrases, like needlessly grumpy, ass and so forth, but bitch just captures it).

more on the emotional business plan soon.

Monday, January 4, 2010

personal stat- dark chocolate

I've been saving the wrappers from my very favorite chocolate bar,
Chocolove-Dark Chocolate- 55%. In 2009, I consumed 8 bars, 2-3 squares at a time. Consumption of dark chocolate is part of my emotional business plan and is promoted by Jen, my insanely fit friend, who also happens to be a trainer (Spanked by Jen). She swears a little bit of dark chocolate every day, keeps the doctor away. That and exercise.

So, the eight bars of chocolove does not account for all of 2009, just the parts working on Foster Princess. Oh my, and I'm nearly done with my first bar for 2010. At this rate (one bar every six days or so) I should consume about 60 bars this year. Or maybe I should do without and save $240 bucks... hmmm.

I'll save my wrappers and see.
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