Thursday, May 13, 2010

Form 4885 nets 1,200 pages

A woman from Travis County (TX) called yesterday to tell me that my records would be in the mail soon- not in paper form, on disc. I asked how many pages approximately- she said 1,200. Redacted? No, she said, but a lot of it is hard to read.

Pretty cool.

And this morning, a call from Casey Family Programs, now looking into my records request issue with them. It appears that CFP does not release ANY third party documents as a matter of policy. A policy which apparently preceded HIPAA.

I explained that I wanted all of my records regardless, and asked what she would recommend that I do. I explained that I have no desire to be antagonistic about this stuff, but I want my records, and if I need to hire an attorney to acquire them, I will. she said she wouldn't view that as antagonistic, but that it might take something like that (a lawsuit) for an organizational policy shift to occur.


The Landscape Project (formerly known as African Titties)

The invitation image for our community art project. Thank you Lisa and Corbett!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

"AT"- Community Art Project

African Titties, remember?

It all started when my friend was describing her breasts. She was
thanking me for the slight breast lift I'd given her in a plaster cast we did of her pregnant belly and breasts. She said that now, especially after pregnancy, nursing, gaining and losing weight- she had African Titties. Nipples pointing down. And I said, What makes them African? They look pretty American to me.

But I knew exactly what she meant. The National Geographic African
Titties, and she said, yep. Those are the ones.

I was fascinated the first time I ever laid eyes on a pair of those. Hanging down, farther than I really thought possible. A little horrified, somewhat scandalized.

(How many pairs have there been I wonder? African Titties, appearing in National Geographic? How many children have stared in wonder?)

So, I knew exactly what she meant, in just two words. And yet I don't think the Africans have singular license on saggy titties, much less the wide variety of breasts that don't fall into that category at all. I think we women of the Americas need to see examples of what real bodies do, how we age, how we start out -- it's all beautiful. Our flesh is landscape that changes over time, and I think recording the change is cool. How to display all the anonymous breasts? Help decide, come participate.

And now, I've found the perfect backdrop for an African Titties
photo-shoot. A four horse show trailer, past it's prime, with a beautiful rust-patina... let the project begin!

So, save May 16th for our African Titty photo-shoot. We'll have a
photographer on site to capture the best of our breasts. We will meet at a location in Golden, directions and start time will be determined, and dependent upon the weather forecast. In the meantime, please confirm your participation so we know how many to expect.

The more breasts, the merrier. So please share this with interested friends!

this email was sent out to a fabulous group of women... and the energy is building. We're doing some test shots today!
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