Thursday, February 7, 2013

Case File Quotes: The Devil in the Detail

"School personnel offered info on family as they have met parents and had had confrontations with them in the past.  Parents are upper middle class family.  Stepmother is highly educated and is extremely articulate and "good" with words.  The parents have been described by GMO as "self-styled" psychologists.  They are excellent with semantics.  This emotional abuse of the child has been known to the school personnel since early in the 1981-82 school year.  On 10-6-81 Mx. XX tried to make a referral on possible psychological abuse.  These were the only allegations she had and felt that TCCW needed more info. Leigh Barr had been seen in the past as a easy going, happy child.  One day she hit a little boy in the crotch and started yelling "I hate my FA, I hate my FA." This was later, the child started to describe to school officials the emotional abuse she's experiencing at home. TCCW was called on 10? to see if a staff person could attend the conference that Leigh's parents were called to discuss Leigh's progress in school and the abuse she was being subjected to.The TCCW was not available to attend the meeting.
The parents explained their philosophy on parenting to the school at this time they saw the child as ??? and needing structure.
The Barr's were married 2 1/2 years ago.  Mrs. Barr met Leigh 2 months prior to the marriage.  The child had been residing with her step-grandmother in Round Rk for the 4-6 1/2 years of her life.  Prior to that she lived with her natural mother, who is described as crazy.  The child hates her natural mother-- named Stephanie.  The SMO (Mrs. Barr) purposely calls the child Leigh-Stephanie when the child has insisted that she not call her by her Mother's name.  Her parents divorced when she was 3 yrs."


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    1. You should try taking your won advise "anonymous"- Aurea

    2. Life is good:)!

  2. Foster Princess?Queen Bitch perhaps

  3. Anonymous, have you ever heard that if you don't have something nice to say - don't say it? You are not being constructive and I think you are wasting our and your time. The rest of us read Leighs blog because we love her and believe in her. Nobody agrees with you nor will they ever come around to your perspective. You are probably crazy and don't even know it or care enough to work through your own shit. Leigh is a valued member of her community, is loved, and respected. Her peers care about what she says and fully suport her process of reconciling her past with her current. Can you say the same? How about you focus on your own issues. If you have a personal beef with Leigh you can at least sign your name to it.

  4. Leigh obviously has issues.This is what I am trying to get across to her she has nothing nice to say about anybody she should keep it to herself.Trashing her family and everyone she has had in her life is wrong.There is no truth to her stories ,as her grandmother would say "she lies,lies it's all lies"If she has opened your heart to hers I'm sorry you fell for her lies...poor,poor pityful Liegh.


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