Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Case File Quotes- Hoarder, Thief

"Norma Barr; Stepmother called to inform worker that she discovered that child is hoarding books from school.  She found 68 books in child’s room that did not belong to her.  Child stated that reading teacher allowed her to borrow these books.  (a few had other student’s names in them.) Stepmother also reported construction paper, glue and paint that the Barrs did not provide to the child. (On previous occasion child told worker that art teacher and reading teacher allowed her special privileges in checking out books and getting art supplies as she gets bored staying in her room with nothing to do).  Stepmother also reported that the child had 10 articles of clothing at school that she refused to bring home. Reports that child appears nervous. Reports that Grandmother called to ask for a visit. Worker informed Mrs. Barr to refuse this request, so the child does not get her hopes up for being placed with Grandmother. Informed stepmother to slowly start allowing child more liberties to help deal with her behavior. Stepmother did not feel grandmother is good placement choice."

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