Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Writing Plan: 17 chapters in 11 months

Becoming Evil
Chapter One: Riverside Drive, Before Evil (November 23,2012)
Chapter Two: Northwood, During Evil (January 29, 2013)
Chapter Three: Silver Creek Drive, After Evil (February 14, 2013)
Chapter Four- Lee and Juliet, B.E. (March 15)
Chapter Five- Granny and Grandpa, B.E. (March 15)
Chapter Six- Juliet, B.E. (March 31)
Chapter Seven- Granny, B.E. (April 15)
Chapter Eight- Leaving Lee and Norma, First Shelter, A.E. (April 15)
Therapy Tastes like Butterscotch
Chapter Nine- The Lees (April 30)
Chapter Ten- Granny, The Halls (May 12)
Chapter Eleven-The Lees (May 23)
Adoption Itches like Psoriasis
Chapter Twelve- The Ball Family, Shelter (June 30)
Chapter Thirteen- The Brown Family (July 31)
Chapter Fourteen- The Collector Family (August 31)
Chapter Fifteen- The Nelson Family (September 15)
Getting Fixed
Chapter Sixteen-Shoal Creek Hospital (September 30)

Chapter Seventeen- Nelson Cottage (October 15)
Chapter Eighteen- Colony Creek (October 30)
Chapter Nineteen- Last Foster Family, Greece (November 30)


  1. Texas says "good ridance".Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

  2. What a shitty comment. Can't even post a name. Love your courage princess - power on!

  3. Shit is what Leigh is full of.If Lee were still around he would tell her "quit your sniveling you're being a ninney & a twit".Lee was a wonderful father.Leigh was a miserable child.Her mean spirit is alive and kicking...power on?warpig!

  4. Anonomymous, you are mean spirited and whether you realize it or not, you didn't have the whole picture. Leigh's side is relavant and real. If you knew Lee and were blind to the hell he created for Leigh, then you are part of the problem. Your lack of empathy for Leigh is shameful and you seem to lack any credibility. I am so proud of Leigh for working through this process.

  5. I ran across this Leigh character at a baby shower years ago,she was way out of place.We were having a good time,then Leigh showed up...she was loud and unpleasant.Her hair was shaved bull dike style, we later heard she told people she had cancer thats why her hair was shaved like that.Leigh sounded mentally challanged when she spoke due to a hole she drilled in her tounge where she sported a piercing.She was flipping her inner lip out to tell everyone in the room to fuck off with her inside out lip tatoo.She came across as a nerd looking for attention.The whole time she was bragging about being asked on dates four times a day everyday ,we giggled to ourselves that the only person that would date her would be another angry lesbian such as herself.She loudly proclaimed she never wanted children which was very rude she must of forgot she was at a baby shower.Now this Liegh character has kids?Mercy!


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