Tuesday, September 11, 2012

February 12, 1982: interview with the child

Lee Stephanie Barr is a 9 1/2 year old, white female, who looks smaller than her age, has short, brown hair cut in a pageboy and has a hint of hyperteleorism (sic).  She came willingly to the interview room and shared a coke with me.  She was a very anxious child and many times she would be pulling on her fingers and biting on her fingernails.  She sat quietly in a chair throughout the interview and seemed to be extremely over-controlled.  She was able to discuss with me her reading habits, that she liked mysteries.

She stated that sometimes, she felt very sad and lonely inside.  She stated that she hated her natural mother's guts and this was a constant source of irritation to her.  She also stated that sometimes she felt she might die.  She said the way she might die would be to be in a car wreck or something like that.  When I asked her if she ever thought about hurting herself she said that she guessed that someday she might commit suicide but had made no plans.  When I asked how she would commit suicide she said she would take a knife and stab herself but she didn't know how she could do that.  During this time she was very tearful and her affect was appropriate to the suicide thought content.  She, however stated that she had no intentions of hurting herself at this time.

At this point in the interview I asked her how she would feel about living outside the home at this time.  Her affect brightened considerably and she stated she thought that would be a good idea, although she was going to miss her parents.  We talked about several issues about ambivalence about leaving so many people.  She stated she was extremely frightened of her father.  She did this in a forthright and open manner and did not seem to be manipulative at all.  She stated she was frightened  that if she said the wrong thing at home he would take out the belt again and hurt her.  She described the beating incident as a fifteen minute yelling and screaming session in which he put her up against the wall and beat the back of her legs with the belt.  She was terrified that it might happen again.

She stated that she had a lot of trouble with anger that was in her.  She also had a lot of trouble figuring out whether she was bad or good.

She described her peer relationships adequately.  She had one best friend who never sits with her on the bus.  She said school was a constant source of irritation since the children pick on her there.

She stated if she had a child that didn't act right she would give the child a spanking.  She said she could do this because she owned the child.

However, when I gave her an example of doing the same thing to an animal she said it wouldn't be right because it would hurt the animal.

Throughout the second half of the interview the patient was tearful and required kleenex.

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