Thursday, May 13, 2010

Form 4885 nets 1,200 pages

A woman from Travis County (TX) called yesterday to tell me that my records would be in the mail soon- not in paper form, on disc. I asked how many pages approximately- she said 1,200. Redacted? No, she said, but a lot of it is hard to read.

Pretty cool.

And this morning, a call from Casey Family Programs, now looking into my records request issue with them. It appears that CFP does not release ANY third party documents as a matter of policy. A policy which apparently preceded HIPAA.

I explained that I wanted all of my records regardless, and asked what she would recommend that I do. I explained that I have no desire to be antagonistic about this stuff, but I want my records, and if I need to hire an attorney to acquire them, I will. she said she wouldn't view that as antagonistic, but that it might take something like that (a lawsuit) for an organizational policy shift to occur.


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