Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Case File Quotes- Possessed by the Devil

"...last night she and Leigh had gone in where Steve was working and “out of the clear” she asked him what her biological father had told him about her.  He told Leigh that he was going to be painfully honest with her and explained that her father had told him she was possessed by the devil." (July, 16, 1985,  Barr case file notes/proper citation?)

I found this quote in my file, and honestly couldn't believe my luck. (Yes I've cried about it too.) Thank you social workers for recording the craziness of my early life. So, the quote is from 1985. At that time, I'm in my third adoptive placement which also happens to be the family who were former friends-members of my bio father's church-cult. That didn't work out... The event itself- when my bio father begins telling people I'm possessed by the devil, takes place in 1980, After Evil-- which is the second chapter/section I'm working on now.

That Winston Churchill quote keeps coming to mind: When you're going through hell, keep going. Which for me means- get through chapters two and three. Chapter four will be much more fun.

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  1. Scary to to think someone driven by low self esteem and self pity could be a social worker.


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