Friday, August 31, 2012

outline of book one in four sections

I now have four large binders with the following titles:

1. becoming evil
starts with the exact moment evil enters the conversation- age eight.
traces the seed of evil to an exact moment-age two
observes evil unfold
until the grinding clacking Polaroid wakes her up- age nine

2.  therapy tastes like butterscotch
ages nine through eleven in foster care

3. adoption itches like psoriasis
ages twelve through thirteen in foster care

4. getting fixed
ages fourteen through sixteen in residential treatment

Doesn't seem like much, but it's a framework that makes sense.  A natural beginning and a natural end for the first book of three.  Chapters will emerge from the sections, but first I'm filling each of the binders with 'the all of it'.

Which means my:  writing,  state file, pictures and documents.  Each pass through the material  helps me understand more, or less depending on the day.  Once I've shuffled this strange deck of material into chronology, and filled in some gaps,  the excising starts.  Removing what doesn't apply to the arc of this part of the story.

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