Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Arrival- How it Went

I was home with one of my kids, and a cold. We were just up from nap time, having a snack. Out to the mail box, and there it was. A simple cardboard envelope stamped in red: CONFIDENTIAL- TO BE OPENED BY ADDRESSEE ONLY. Inside that, a square disc envelope with a clear cellophane center- the words Barr, Lee and (Leigh Ecke) neatly penned across the face.

oh shit. my 1200 pages, on a disc. secrets about me. details about me. about my parents, the people, the places.

Well, maybe it has 1200 pages. My plan was to let my husband open it, but it's in my hands, and now I want to know if there is Data on the disc, or if this is going to be another unfortunate joke. The call, the disc, but still no files.

And so, with my son drawing on the driveway with his smurf-blue chalk, I fetch the laptop. Out come the digital pictures and in goes the file. The whirring as it begins to read.

A list appears. Summary and Numbers 1-12, each one a PDF file ranging from 4 to 6 thousand KB. I opened the case summary page, but it was useless. I clicked on tabs and it wanted to contact various locations for data, which didn't seem to be the point.

I opened another, and there it was, page after page after page of court documents. I forgot, that of course the file is organized in sections, this one must be titled- Legal. Court documents are mostly fill in the blank templates, accompanying pages and pages of legal phrases. Important bits scribbled in.

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