Thursday, November 19, 2009

exploring theme

This is a Lighthouse Writer's Workshop class assignment from 10-27-09.

1. read the rest of Stop-Time by Frank Conroy

2. complete theme exercise started in class
(15 minutes, writing every single theme Foster Princess could possibly be.)

coming of age
influence and escape of books (like oh god it's me Margaret)
privilege of place and race (whiteness) in the system/entitlement
what we hold onto vs letting go
transition framework (endings,neutral zone, new beginnings)
father complex/oedipal
surviving his god complex
middle class to middle class, and rags to riches
outsider, wanting in-
finding family
finding place
belonging- and being picky about it
fitting in/chameleon/shapeshifter/true core
anger as fuel
gospel of me: what is truth? what are records? bias? perspective? labels
leaving who, in whose wake?
cinderella story (I did have an evil step mother, and at least one evil step sister)
labels- how we use them and transform them: manipulative to strategist
secrets that we keep
the guides/people that raised me (mothers, fathers, grandparents, staff, siblings)
portals into the craziness
escape routes
control- what you can and cant control (survival mechanisms)/loss of control
depression in children
time- when is it a slow crawl/when its too fast to even record/passage and different speeds
born at the wrong time,
nourishment-emotional and physical
INTIMACY- emotional and physical (sexuality)
innocence regained
unbecoming evil
cleansing/making space
the culture of foster care

Now, highlight the ones with the most energy, (just 2 or three) and write a paragraph about each.

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