Monday, October 12, 2009

Rituals for Writing- Watch out Mister Rogers

A celebration is in order. I've known for a long time now that I need an opening and closing ritual for writing. Something to get me started, and something to bring me back. Lighting a candle is nice, but somehow, for writing Foster Princess, it's not enough. Not complicated enough or meaningful enough. So, I realized today that I do have a ritual. It started just yesterday, but when the shoe fits... call it a ritual.

I have this fabulous pair of sling-back, mildly-platform, tasteful-but-sassy, copper colored shoes. A buckle at the toe, compliments of Timeri. And I slipped them on yesterday, while feeling lonely, and needing to settle down and write. Hans had taken the boys to the rec center for a swim- leaving me 'to work'. Anyway, I slipped them on, and immediately I realized that I had to prop them up on my desk, and take a picture.

I've been telling my sweet Hans that I wear heels, per his request, but I don't think he believes me, and so, photographic proof was in order. I left that picture as last taken on the camera, hoping he would pick it up and notice, but he didn't. So later, I showed it to him. He approved.

So, this morning, the shoes beckoned. They were sitting beside my uncomfortable, and terribly un-ergonomic work station, in their own coppery glow. I sat down and slipped them on. Propped my feet up and snapped a picture-with my cell phone this time, and sent it to Hans. Voila. Writing has begun.

Watch out Mister Rogers. I love a comfy sweater, and slippers too, but somehow, for now, only heels will do.

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